Bentonites - Main areas of application

Bentonites for papermaking, purification, liquid and smell absorbents, fertilizers and other uses. Fine grinding even under 50 microns.

 Animal breeding

 Plant production

 Industrial use

 Enviromental use




Papermaking industry:

  • Retention improvement
  • Rheology improvement
  • Stickies removal
  • Sludge thickening
  • Microflotation aid in deinking
  • Floculant efficiency improvement

Purification processes:

  • Oil decolorization (mineral, animal and vegetable)
  • Liquid clarification (wine, liquor, cider, beer, vinegar...)

Liquid and smell absorbent – animal litter (mostly cat)


  • Improves water and nutrient management of soil Increases water fixing and water holding capacity by 10 times Stimulates soil microbial parameters Increases plant biomass Enhances number of nitrifying bacteria Increases phosphorous and potassium contents Soil cleanup from harmful impurities


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