Plant production

  • Wheat (or other products) drying and storage protection (2% zeolite addition has an insecticide effect) Excrement processing — fertilizer production.
  • Herbicide and pesticide carrier.
  • Industrial fertilizer carrier, surface treatment of granulated fertilizers.
  • Soil fertility and bioactivity improvement.
  • Soil water regime improvement (water moderator, whereby zeolite absorbs up to 55% of their weight in water and slowly releases it under plant demand. This can prevent root rot and moderate drought cycles)
  • Potassium and nitrogen balance improvement especially in light and sandy soils. Thanks to the slow release of nutrients from zeolite internal structure, it is sufficient to fertilize once in each production season.
  • Revitalisation and productivity improvement in acidic and devastated soils.
  • Heavy metals (As, Cd, Pb, Zn, Cu…) reduction in both soils and plants
  • Improvement of the long term effect of natural and industrial fertilizers, lowering of the wash-up effect.
  • Greenhouse and turf substrate production
  • Wine and cider treatment — clearing and purification.
  • Fruit and vegetable warehousing.
  • Soil support additive.




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